Pennyrile RECC, Hopkinsville, KY, seeks a Key Accounts Manager.

This position is responsible for the Key Accounts programs; in particular, it promotes a positive image of the cooperative by identifying and addressing the individual needs of our commercial/industrial members and provides information, technical aid/assistance and recommendations to help these customers get the maximum benefit from the use of electrical energy and equipment.  This position also works with the residential accounts and supports others in member services department.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (other duties may be assigned):

*Develop programs that address the needs and concerns of large commercial and industrial accounts.  Coordinate implementation of these projects cooperative-wide with assistance from Member Services coworkers in their respective districts.

*Develop, coordinate and direct, with the department manager the cooperative marketing program for commercial and industrial accounts.

*Establish and maintain contacts with commercial and industrial accounts.  Be knowledgeable of rates, contracts, and billing procedures for commercial and industrial accounts and be prepared to answer inquiries about abnormal bills.  Make recommendations for improving load factor, power factor, and power quality.  Be prepared to discuss operating procedures as those relate to electrical costs; providing general assistance and advice on potentially helpful programs for expansion, and improving general lines of communications.  Follow up to insure that customer concerns have been addressed appropriately.

*Oversee all commercial TVA programs accepted by the cooperative (incentives, loans, survey, etc.).  Promote energy programs which assist the member and encourage efficient use of electricity.

*Make field investigations as necessary and utilize the assistance of TVA’s commercial/industrial engineers in making analysis and recommendations for lighting, wiring, and equipment.  In-house personnel may also be used when appropriate.

*Assist in developing a customer-oriented program to improve power quality and reduce damage to electronic equipment.

*Establish and maintain routine contacts with industrial and commercial electricians, supplier contractors, developers, etc.

*Develop contacts with business and community leaders through involvement in social organizations, chambers, member organization, elected official activities, media groups, and community and economic development groups to promote favorable image and to develop a device for the people to view Pennyrile Rural Electric as their first choice for electrical power.

*Work with TVA, TVPPA, KAEC, and other state and national organizations, as well as other cooperatives, municipals, and IOUs in areas of mutual concern for commercial/industrial accounts (marketing, joint advertising, jointly sponsored programs, and related matters).

*Keep abreast of technical and energy-saving features of new products and developments in our industry in order to interpret information related to energy consumption to consumers.

*Keep up to date on the current trends in the areas of marketing, efficient utilization of electric energy, and human relations in order to promote programs, and implement new concepts.

*Conduct reviews periodically to determine the program effectiveness, and make changes if necessary.

*Organize on-site meetings and facilitate programs and discussions related to specific key-account needs.

*Helps members manage usage, assists members with high-bill complaints, and other problems related to member accounts.
*Support the policies of the cooperative in promoting the public relations and image of the cooperative by trying to meet consumer needs.

*Develop annual work plan and budget for the key-accounts program in conjunction with the manager of Member Services.

*Support and assist with any needs in the Member Service department (communication programs, member advisor activities, youth tour, and annual meeting).

*Work as a team player with other departments in meeting the overall goals of the organization.

*Administer Cooperative Connections program.

*Be available not only during regular working hours, but whatever times as are necessary to meet with members, staff, emergency situations, etc.

*Recognize that some after-hours work and overnight travel is necessary for attending some conferences, schools, and out-of-town meetings to keep up to date and represent the cooperative.

*Must comply with traffic laws, regulations, and safe driving practices while operating any company vehicle.

*Must adhere to safety rules and polices adopted by Pennyrile RECC, responsible for reporting unsafe work practices and all accidents to supervisor.


Associate or technical degree and 10 years’ related experience preferred; or bachelor of arts/science degree and five (5) years’ related experience; or advanced degree and one (1) year related experience; or equivalent combinations of education and experience.

Excellent benefits package and salary commensurate with qualifications and experience. You may apply and submit resume at  Pennyrile Electirc is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Post expires at 11:59pm on Tuesday April 3rd, 2018