Seven TVPPA-member utilities have been awarded a total of 10 megawatts of carbon-free solar capacity by TVA and TVPPA.

Those utilities were among 13 applying for that capacity through TVA’s Distributed Solar Solutions (DSS) pilot program, which encourages local power companies (LPCs) and solar developers to work together to create renewable energy projects at the community level. Once completed, projects will generate enough solar energy to power more than 900 homes.

That 10 MW of DSS solar capacity will go to Chattanooga, TN, EPB; Jackson, TN, EA; Memphis, TN, LG & W; Nashville, TN, ES; North Georgia EMC, Dalton, GA; Tullahoma, TN, UA and Volunteer EC, Decatur, TN.

“TVPPA and TVA worked closely to develop and roll out this year’s DSS program,” said TVPPA Vice President Danette Scudder. “From drafting guidelines to evaluating and ultimately selecting projects for capacity, we worked collaboratively to maximize learning opportunities for LPCs as they strive to meet the growing renewable demand of their end-use customers.”

In January 2017, TVA announced it would award 10 MW of solar capacity through the DSS pilot program. TVPPA-member utilities and developer partners began submitting their applications in March for solar projects that ranged from 50kW to 5MWs.

“DSS is an important TVA solar program, because it brings key stakeholders together to generate clean energy in a thoughtful and collaborative manner that best serves the 9 million people of the Valley,” said Tammy Bramlett, TVA’s Director of Business Development and Renewables.

“We are pleased to see the strong DSS interest because it allows TVA to partner directly with LPCs and developers to bring renewable energy to the Valley at the community level,” she said. “TVA remains committed to providing clean, efficient renewable energy to reduce our carbon footprint and help protect the environment.”

TVA has contracted or installed around 400 megawatts of solar capacity, and currently has more than 1,200 megawatts of wind and over 50 megawatts of biomass. TVA’s private renewable program, offered through participating local power companies, has resulted in over 100 megawatts of renewable capacity, with more than 3,000 systems operating across the region.