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Job Statement: Responsible for the general supervision and operation of the water treatment plants.  Establishes and executes plans for the proper operation and maintenance of the plant.  Operates, services and repairs all plant systems and equipment.  Instructs and trains subordinate personnel as needed. Must have extensive knowledge of water treatment techniques and plant operations.

Essential Duties:
1. Conducts a program of preventative maintenance to keep breakdowns and cost to a minimum.  Schedules maintenance tasks to prevent breakdowns during critical times.
2. Must have extensive knowledge of treatment issues and plant operations.
3. A thorough knowledge of the water system.
4. Keeps a current service record on all plant equipment.  Assures all facilities are keeping proper operational and maintenance records.
5. Ensures the water quality lab submits proper water quality reports to ADEM/EPA for all system monitoring compliance (chemical and bacteriological).
6. Ensures that all plants maintain an adequate stock of parts, equipment and tools for necessary repairs.
7. Determines appropriate corrective action in response to system or equipment malfunction/failure.
8. Coordinates personnel schedules at plant to best utilize personnel in the most efficient manner.  Schedules personnel and projects so that overtime is kept to a minimum.  Assists with plant operation as needed.
9. Services and maintains in-plant controls, calibration, repair/replacement of process control equipment including loop controllers and associated equipment.
10. Maintains and modifies plant programmable logic controller and input/output modules.  Modifies plant control logic and programming as needed.
11. Trouble-shoots and repairs medium voltage switchgear and motor controls.
12. Stays current on ADEM/EPA drinking water regulations and maximum contaminant levels.  Maintains a technical knowledge for different treatment techniques in order to meet regulatory compliance in the most efficient manner.
13. Plans, schedules, directs and inspects the work of assigned personnel.
14. Exercises usual supervisory authority regarding personnel matters such as selection, training, discipline, performance appraisal, work assignments, promotions, employee relations and salary changes.
15. Promotes and enforces compliance with all safety practices and policies.
16. Coordinates the work of the section with other affected parties.
17. Gathers information analyzes data and solves problems related to the section’s operations.
18. Makes recommendations to management regarding improvements to section’s efficiency and productivity.
19. Prepares and makes both oral and written reports to management regarding section operations.
20. Performs additional duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

Education/Training/Certifications:  High-school graduate or equivalent required.  AS degree preferred.  Must have current Grade 4 Water Certification for State of Alabama.

Experience/Skills:  Working knowledge of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems.  In-depth knowledge of and experience in water treatment, water plant operation, component functions and equipment maintenance required.  Must be able to read and interpret electrical drawings, control drawings, control logic and construction drawings.  Must understand ladder logic for programmable logic controller. Must have 5 years supervisory or leadership experience with a minimum of five years treatment and water plant experience.

Equipment:  General experience with machine shop tools and fabrication of parts, electronic calibration equipment, volt/ohm meters, frequency meters, general lab equipment, plant process control equipment, programmable logic controller, personal computer spreadsheet and word processing, backhoe, trucks, vehicles, telephone, radio, copier, and FAX.  Must be familiar with small and large crane units for equipment removal and installation.

Physical Demands/Environmental Conditions:  Frequent exposure to outside conditions.  Climbing, stooping, lifting, bending and reaching.  Must be able to climb water tanks.

Other: Subject to on-call and emergency duty.

This job description is only intended to reflect the general nature and duties of the position and may not include all essential functions. Since jobs tend to change over time, duties may be added or deleted as necessary without a formal update of the job description.

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