Steve Adams, who signed on as Seven States Power Corp.’s first project manager a decade ago and later served as its vice president, retired Dec. 31.

Adams joined Seven States (7SPC) having just retired from TVA after 31 years in water-systems planning, operations and project management. His initial portfolio included developing 7SPC’s organizational efforts and business case, financing arrangements and contracts. He became 7SPC’s vice president in 2015 and was saluted with a standing ovation from 7SPC’s members at their annual meeting, held Nov. 30 in Franklin, TN.

A native of Dublin, GA, Adams earned a civil engineering degree from Georgia Tech. He joined TVA in 1976, but found time to earn a master’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Tennessee. In addition to his 7SPC responsibilities, he also ran point for TVPPA with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Southeastern Power Administration (SEPA).

“Steve has been right at the center of Seven States, virtually from the beginning,” said Doug Peters, president/CEO of 7SPC and TVPPA.

“His contributions across the last 10 years are too many to try to enumerate, but those contributions, and his efforts, have been noted and are appreciated by more than a few. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that we wish him the best of everything,” Peters said.