Pandemic-induced labor and materials shortages coupled with recent severe weather events have highlighted the fragility of the supply chains local power companies depend upon to keep the lights on in their communities. In the face of supply chain disruptions, communicating anticipated disruptions to key accounts and other audiences, particularly as they relate to transformers and other materials critical to servicing their needs, is a pressing issue for many of you. To support you in your communications efforts, TVPPA’s Communications Advisory Group (CAG) developed a toolkit of resources that may be helpful to company leaders, as well as customer relations, communications and marketing teams, as you discuss diminishing stockpiles of critical supplies with key accounts, other consumer audiences and the communities you serve.

Included in this toolkit – linked as a PDF and appearing on our website in the Member section under Communication Tools (log in to reach the member section) – are the following items that can be customized for your particular needs:

  • Messaging for key accounts teams and other public communications
  • Ideas for how/where to consider sharing your message
  • Sample letters to send to developers and other partners

In addition to this Supply Chain Toolkit, CAG will continue to explore other opportunities to support member communications in 2022. A survey was sent to members the first week of January to seek input on potential toolkit topics and resources.

For more information about this toolkit and others, please contact Nathalie Strickland, TVPPA VP, Communications & Marketing at or Marlin Williams, TVPPA Communications Advisory Group Chair, at