Caney Fork Electric Cooperative, Inc. is seeking a qualified and engaged leader to serve as Director of Engineering.

Caney Fork Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CFEC) is a member-owned electric cooperative whose mission is to provide safe, reliable and affordable electric service to the membership. Headquartered in McMinnville, Tennessee, the cooperative is a Touchstone Energy partner serving approximately 34,000 members in Warren, White, DeKalb, Van Buren, Coffee, Cannon, Grundy and Putnam counties in Tennessee. CFEC has 78 dedicated full-time employees, three district offices, approximately 4,000 miles of distribution line, annual revenue of $68 million and $113 million in net electric plant. CFEC receives wholesale power from TVA at seven distribution substations.

A Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering is required. Additional specialized training in engineering, personnel management, and consumer relations is desirable.

A minimum of five years of engineering experience in the rural electric distribution industry is preferred.  Exposure to engineering methods including three years of supervisory experience required.

Must have excellent knowledge of engineering practices.  Should be skilled in areas of organizing, planning, directing and controlling the operation and supervision of an engineering department.  Must be capable of meeting the established goals of the cooperative through development and implementation of policies, practices, and procedures which influence any engineering functions. Must be able to effectively communicate, verbally and in writing, information regarding the cooperative to employees and consumers.  Should be skilled in motivating, training, and evaluating subordinates in order to obtain the highest degree of productivity and professionalism and be responsible for development of individual capabilities.

Physical: Position requires lifting/carrying and pushing/pulling of weights up to 50 pounds.  May perform work at heights of up to 40 ft.  Must possess coordination or manual dexterity and visual acuity.  Frequently stands, walks, sits, bends, and twists.  Climbs, reaches, and balances in moderation.  Occasionally squats, kneels, and crawls.

Non-Physical: Position requires the use of forms, reading and technical reading comprehension; forms completion, report preparation, writing (composition); and formal presentations.  Position requires skills used in motivating, training, planning and organizing, analyzing, estimating, monitoring, trouble-shooting, and innovation.  Must be able to work on a one-to-one basis; and work in or with groups.  Must have good customer relations skills as well as good interactive skills with the general public.


  1. To direct design of the system improvements and member service extensions in accordance with RUS specifications and the cooperative’s long-range system studies.
  2. To develop and guide a planned inspection and maintenance program that improves reliability of service and minimizes investment and maintenance expenditures.
  3. To furnish engineering consultation services to departments, districts and members as required to assist them in meeting their goals and objectives.


  1. Reports To: General Manager
  2. Supervises: System Engineer; Supervisor of Staking; Staking Technician; Engineering Aide; GIS Technician; Meter Technician; Engineering/Operations Secretary; Engineering Department

Performs the following activities:

  1. Develops annual budget for construction based on current conditions and load growth.
  2. Receives and analyzes service interruption reports and voltage complaints. Recommends changes to correct conditions in system design wherever possible.
  3. Approves estimates for work orders involving relocation of power lines due to highway construction, joint use, or member requests.
  4. Approves industrial power contracts in connection with serving large power loads.
  5. Approves designs for street lighting additions or changes.
  6. Inspects major construction and a sampling of minor construction for conformance to plans, accompanies consulting engineer and RUS field engineer on inspection of work orders.
  7. Develops the RUS two-year work plan and develops the 20-year, long-range system study.
  8. Monitors work orders and compares to relevant standards; monitors unit cost of construction compared to standards; monitors conformance to accepted engineering standards.
  9. Monitors the number of requests for service to assure that requests are worked in a timely manner.
  10. Monitors productivity measured by costs in department per work orders, quality of service by member complaints and errors in design, job satisfaction and employee attitude by morale.
  11. Maintains good relations with all members (internal and external).
  12. Observes all cooperative safety rules, including the operation of equipment as required by state and federal law.
  13. Keeps as informed as possible about cooperative programs and services, policies, and the latest changes in related field of work.
  14. Promotes electricity and member participation in all co-op programs such as Energy Right Home Program, water heater, heat pump and REEP.
  15. Participates in workshops, seminars and other educational programs to improve knowledge and ability.
  16. Monitors and enforces the equal employment opportunity non-discrimination guidelines, rules, and directives of the cooperative.
  17. Evaluates the performance of subordinate employees and makes recommendations concerning their salary review.

Performs the following activities:

  1. Consults with industrial accounts concerning the serving of proposed power loads, supply of voltage, location of facilities and power contracts.
  2. Resolves member service complaints involving quality and continuity of service, and relocation of facilities.
  3. Sees that system maps are kept up-to-date.
  4. Sees that file copies of completed work orders are maintained.
  5. Sees that the work order summary is prepared monthly.
  6. Participates in field surveying and construction design; the securing and filling of necessary rights-or-way and approves work orders and delivers to Director of Operations for scheduling. Directs or participates, as required, in staking for construction; approves prior to construction all work orders involving multiphase construction, conversion, service to large single-phase and three-phase loads, TVA crossings, railroad crossings, and joint use construction.
  7. Responsible for field checks and approves all joint use construction with telephone and other utilities.
  8. Prepares engineering plans for system improvements and relocations.
  9. Coordinates with General Manager in the preparation of the annual budget.
  10. Develops annual work plan for departmental operations, setting goals for improvement in meeting objectives.
  11. Trains and develops employees in job duties, guides and counsels employees, and exercises disciplinary control; terminates employees subject to approval of General Manager.
  12. Develops good communications with and participation by employees by holding regular meetings and getting group action in setting goals for improved productivity and service to members.
  13. Approves vacation schedules and leaves for department personnel.
  14. Approves travel and other expenses for department personnel.
  15. Approves sick leave for department personnel, monitors attendance records to identify problem situations and takes corrective action as needed.
  16. Keeps General Manager informed as to record of achievements of the department and to advise of problems to be resolved.
  17. Requires office space and equipment to be maintained in a neat, safe and orderly manner.
  18. Monitors work being accomplished by department personnel through monthly reports, timesheets and personal observation to ensure member satisfaction and helpfulness to other cooperative personnel.
  19. Sees that the work for department personnel is planned on a priority basis and in such a way as to control expenses.
  20. Monitors and evaluates overtime hours for all department personnel. Sees that corrective action is taken as necessary.  Approves time sheets for department personnel.
  21. Represents the cooperative at selected meetings.
  22. Approves purchase requisitions for the department consistent with approved procedures.
  23. Represents the department in the policy decisions and management of the cooperative by serving as a member of the General Manager’s staff.
  24. Assists with Annual Meeting as directed.
  25. Keeps abreast of research, design, developments and applications thereof in the electric power industry.
  26. Studies new techniques and applies them to standards and practices of the distribution system of the cooperative.
  27. Makes sectionalizing, voltage, and load studies as required for the annual and long-range system study.
  28. Recommends organization structure and staffing for department.
  29. Sees that job descriptions are understood and accepted by employees and kept up-to-date, recommends new and changed job descriptions and job specifications for department; hires personnel in accordance with policy.
  30. Administers compensation, reviews performance, and recommends compensation changes for employees.
  31. Performs any other duties as required.


  1. Board of Directors – To give and receive operational information through the General Manager for making decisions.
  2. General Manager – Confer on matters pertaining to engineering, maintenance of electric plant, and as to progress and conditions; any special member request to anything out of the ordinary to established engineering procedures; to keep him informed and receive approval and guidance in such matters as salary administration, adequate personnel, necessary records and budget requirements.
  3. Director of Financial Services: To consult with on plant accounting and budgeting.
  4. Director of Member Services: To coordinate programs, and promote programs and services of the cooperative.
  5. Director of Community and Economic Development: Promotes current loan programs for community and economic development.
  6. District Manager: Advise on engineering policies and procedures.  Coordinate and assist in engineering functions as needed.
  7. Director of Operations: To consult with on cooperative operations to keep position informed of what’s happening in the field.
  8. Director of Human Resources: To confer, advise, and cooperate with, to assure up to date personnel information and cooperation between cooperative employees and department director; assist with current support information on employees pertaining to vacation, sick leave, etc.
  9. All CFEC Employees: To assist and obtain assistance from as needed.


  1. Members: To maintain courteous and cooperative relationships which create goodwill and to assist with questions or problems as needed.
  2. General Public: To promote courteous and cooperative relationships which create goodwill.  To assist as needed.
  3. Other Utilities: To consult with on maintaining good relationships and to resolve any problems.
  4. TVA: To consult and cooperate with on rates, contracts, power supply and other mutual interests.
  5. Consultants: To review projects and other matters pertaining to cooperative operations and engineering.
  6. RUS: To coordinate work order process, financial forecast, work plans, long-range system study and BERs.
  7. TVPPA: To coordinate training programs and other areas of mutual interests.
  8. TECA: To coordinate training programs and other areas of mutual interests.

Generally accepted office conditions with occasional exposure to inclement weather. Must be able to work eight hours a day, five days a week, and be able to work after regular working hours, as needed, due to emergencies, electrical outages, etc.  Occasional overtime may be required.  Occasional travel required in the performance of work responsibilities and representation of the cooperative at various professional and association meetings. Must have valid Tennessee drivers license.  Exempt pay status.

This position description is not intended to be all-inclusive; other reasonably related job responsibilities may be required as assigned.  The frequency at which responsibilities and authorities are performed is an estimation and may also be adjusted based on need.

The cooperative reserves the right to revise or change job duties as the need arises.  Management reserves the right to change position descriptions, job duties, or working schedules as needed.

This position description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment.

CFEC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and provides defined benefit pension, 401K saving plan, medical insurance, dental and vision insurance as well as life insurance for all employees. Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Interested parties should direct their inquiries to Executive Assistant Leanne Fisher and submit the following electronically to 1) Cover letter; 2) resume; 3) contact information; (4) three professional references; and (5) any salary requirements.