COMPANY: Pulaski Electric System
POSITION: Journeyman Lineworker



Function Under direction of the Line Crew Foreman or designated supervisor, assist in the construction, maintenance, and operation of the Pulaski Electric System electrical system by constructing, installing, repairing, replacing, inspecting, or removing equipment and material required for the distribution of electric service on elevated surfaces and with energized lines




Essential Tasks

1. Comply with and enforce all safety rules and regulations.
2. Complete yearly Pole -Top Rescue in 5 minutes or less.
3. Determine causes of electrical faults and outages and devise a safe and efficient remedy.
4. Climb poles and structures using climbers or steps to perform framing and/or maintenance on electric distribution system.
5. Assemble distribution construction units according to PES specification system.
6. Drive any PES owned vehicle as required.
7. Efficiently utilize available work time.
8. Must be capable of working outside of normal work hours when necessitated by work requirements.
9. Operate any PES owned aerial device or digger derrick unit in a safe manner and in compliance with the manufactures operation limits.
10. Perform switching on substation equipment by following written switching procedures.
11. Make minor repairs on both pole-type and pad mount distribution transformers as necessary.
12. Operate a two-way radio and/or cellular phone and speak in a clear and understandable voice.
13. Function as a groundman or truck operator when directed by Foreman or designated supervisor.
14. Function as supervisor of a work unit when directed to do so by the Foreman or designated supervisor.
15. Participate in the “on-call” program after regular work hours, weekends, and holidays on a rotational basis as scheduled. Journeyman will be capable of leading on-call.
16. Any other work assigned by the Foreman or designated supervisor required for successful performance.

Secondary Tasks

1. Assume responsibility for vehicles, tools, equipment, or materials assigned.
2. Assume responsibility for the care and safeguarding of customer’s property.
3. Maintain inventory of truck stock materials, requesting replacement
materials as required.
4. Maintain first aid, fire extinguishers, drinking water, and other safety or
personal comfort equipment on vehicles, replenishing or replacing as
5. Dig and backfill holes/trenches for poles, anchors and wire by hand when
6. Assist other coworkers in framing, shoveling, tamping, cleanup of work
site, conduit placement, wire pulling, guy tensioning, or other groundwork.
7. Actively participate in training such as attending training classes and seminars as required.
8. Participate in committee or team activities.





Completion of Pre-Apprentice assessment workshop, Lineman Apprenticeship correspondence course, and on the job training. Promotion to the next level shall be only at the recommendation of the Foreman or designated supervisor. The final approval shall rest with management. The employee may be required to demonstrate to his foremen that he has made substantial and significant progress in his present classification before being promoted to the next level.



Employee shall be expected to be capable of performing all appropriate duties associated with electrical plant construction, operation and maintenance. Employee shall climb a minimum of 24 poles annually, a record of which shall be logged and initialed by the Foreman or designated supervisor while under this classification. Employee shall be expected to participate in the “on-call” program after regular work hours, weekends, and holidays on a rotational basis. Will be scheduled for Advanced Lineman training through a PES approved training institution.



Know and comply with applicable safety rules and regulations.
2. Understand all PES operating practices and policies.
3. Know the PES geographical service area and distribution circuit configuration.
4. Know and understand PES construction specifications.
5. Ability to read and interpret working plans and construction plans.
6. Complete familiarity with the APPA Safety Manual for an electric utility.
7. Familiarity with the National Electric Safety Code.
8. Demonstrate complete fluency in both oral and written English.



1. Must be able to “meet the public” in a cordial/business like way.
2. Must be able to find a solution for or to deal proactively with work-related problems.
3. Must be able to accept responsibility and account for his/her actions.
4. Must be able to perform work accurately and thoroughly.
5. Must be able to pay attention to the minute details of a project or task.
6. Must be able to demonstrate conduct conforming to a set of values and accepted standards.
7. Must be able to be truthful and be seen as credible in the workplace and possess the trait of being dependable and trustworthy.
8. Must be able to work comfortably at elevated levels, whether on poles or in aerial devices.
9. Must be able to plan and implement safe and efficient work procedures.
10. Must be able to properly operate and employ all hot-line tools and equipment, including protective and safety equipment.
11. Function effectively during adverse or inclement weather conditions.
12. Must be able to complete any training necessary to perform job functions.
13. Capable of traveling out of town when required.
14. Ability to take instruction and understand directions.
15. Ability to work without direct supervision.
16. Ability to understand and promptly and safely carry out oral, visual, and written instructions.
17. Ability to read and comprehend safety manuals, vehicle operating manuals, material specification manuals, job orders, maps, and other job related documents.
18. Ability to accurately perform basic mathematics (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).
19. Ability to complete as-built drawings and material lists as required for completion or work.
20. Ability to use hand and small power tools and specialized electrical construction tools.



1. Ability to function as a member of a work unit, maintaining an effective and cordial relationship with all other employees.
2. Maintain a commitment to excellence and promote the same commitment in coworkers.
3. Recognize and acknowledge the obligation due and importance of all PES customers.
4. Recognize oneself as an integral part of the PES organization that requires active cooperation with all other PES departments and employees.


EDUCATION: High school graduate or equivalent required.



1. Capable of climbing poles using climbers and steps.
2. Capable of bending, twisting, squatting and stooping repeatedly for entire workday.
3. Must have 20/20 vision or correctable to 20/20.
4. Capable of lifting and carrying a weight of 100 pounds a distance of 125 feet across an unpaved surface of earth and vegetation.
5. Capable of lifting and placing a weight of 100 pounds on an elevated surface 50 inches high.
6. Capable of working outdoors in all weather conditions, including periods of temperature extremes occurring in the PES service area.
7. Capable of working outdoors during periods of night, sun, rain, sleet, snow, ice, wind, or other adverse conditions.
8. Capable of working outdoors during periods of poor air quality resulting from pollen or dust contamination, which may contribute to allergic, or respirators distress.
9. Capable of standing for 12-16 hours per day without rest.


  1. Must possess at the time of employment or obtain within six (6) months of hiring, a valid Class B Commercial Driver License allowing legal operation of a motor vehicle in Tennessee. Maintaining of the Class B CDL or equivalent is a continuing condition of employment.
  2. Must possess at the time of employment or obtain at a time designated by PES, a valid Red Cross or equivalent certification of proficiency in adult CPR and first aid.



  1. Keys:
    a. Office Door Keys: “A” “G” and FOB
    b. Warehouse Gate Opener
    c. Large Padlock Gate Key – #A2243
    d. Small Padlock Gate Key
    e. Vehicle key
  2.  PPE:
    a. Protective eyewear
    b. Gloves
    c. Caps
    d. Hard hat: 1 every 5 years
    e. High Voltage Gloves & Protectors
    f. Low Voltage Gloves & Protectors
    g. Reflective Rain Gear
    h. Reflective Vest
  3. Clothing:
    Appropriate clothing shall be worn suitable for job function. See PES Operating Policy No. 4-3.
  4. Tools / Manuals:
    a. Tools: Pliers, Harness, Ball-Ping Hammer, Lanyard, Wooden Tape Measure, Channel Locks, Flathead Screwdriver, Skinning Knife and Safety Strap
    b. Company provided cell phone or cell phone determined and reimbursed by company with voice service only.
    c. Gas Card
    d. PES Operating Policies
    e. Emergency Action Plan
    f. Safety Manual


NOTE: All equipment provided by PES to its employees is for the sole use of the employees. It is not intended for any of this material to be given out to the general public, friends or family. Any promotional items are distributed by PES Marketing and the Customer Service Dept.



This job description and specification is to give the applicant a reasonable expectation of the requirements and responsibilities. It in no way implies that the person will be limited only to the requirements stated. Anything deemed necessary by management would become an integral part of this job.



Please Email your application and resume to: by July 22 to Apply!