Conduct commissioning, testing, maintenance and repair of complex protective relaying schemes in generation, transmission, and distribution substation environments. Be able to operate various types of electrical test equipment including but not limited to Omicron, Doble, Vanguard, etc. This position requires an intermediate to strong level of understanding of interfacing software such as Test Universe, Protection Suite, AcSELerator, Wireshark, etc. Facilitate the retrofit, upgrade, and replacement projects for electrical controls, SCADA, DCS, and Power System Protection Equipment.

• Test over current/voltage, Directional, Distance, Impedance, Sync Check, Loss of field, reverse power, multifunction relays etc.
• Perform function testing of substation control circuits on relay panels, transformers & circuit breaker controls. Perform isolation, setpoint testing, advanced logic testing, and scheme testing (reclosing, breaker failure, etc.)
• Perform end-to-end relay testing using Doble Protection Suite, RTS, or Test Universe software to verify communication assisted protection schemes.
• Perform installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance of protective relaying equipment, relaying schemes, DFR equipment, SCADA systems, distribution automation systems and associated communication equipment
• Assist in developing written standard commissioning, testing and maintenance procedures for protective relaying, DFR’s, RTU’s, IED’s, Distribution Automation and associated communication systems.
• Generate customer report describing the problem found and correction action taken / proposed.
• Maintain a professional attitude when representing the company during phone or personal contact with outside vendors, customers or service providers etc.

• Minimum of 5 years of field experience in commissioning, panel and equipment checkout, relay calibration, testing and repairing substation relaying and control schemes
• Experience is desirable in any of the following related areas: Substation commissioning; SCADA/Fault Data/SER/Integration-Automation equipment installation and testing
• Have a good understanding of various protocols (DNP3, Modbus, 8979, etc.). Have the ability to troubleshoot SCADA issues using various protocol test sets (Wireshark, ASE 2000, etc.)
• Experience in three phase power systems, power system protection, and control schemes
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills
• Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Outlook)
• Valid Driver’s license and good driving record
• Must be able to distinguish color coding of wires, fiber optics or other materials required by essential job functions