Registration is now open for the next session of TVPPA’s diversity, equity and inclusion training program for executives, Leaders First, Culture Second: Inclusion: The Way Forward.

The class will be held Wednesday, December 7 through Thursday, December 8 at the TVPPA office in Chattanooga, Tenn.

This two-day workshop facilitated by corporate culture and leadership expert is designed for local power company general managers and senior leaders who want to understand how to build a welcoming and inclusive work environment. They will be introduced to tools and concepts that help them prepare their culture to attract and retain the workforce of the future.

Emotionally intelligent, self-aware leaders are potent influencers and agents of change who drive the culture of their organizations. In this course, senior and executive leaders will self-examine and focus on their level of emotional intelligence when comes to their ability to lead inclusion. They will learn how to better communicate with all stakeholders and how to create a strategic framework that will help guide the process of building a more diverse and inclusive culture.

Following his participation in June’s DE&I program, TVPPA Vice President of Pricing & Contracts Jim Sheffield shared his thoughts on the class saying, “I didn’t think that I particularly needed DE&I training, but the chance to participate in one of Tangela’s classes was not something I was inclined to turn down. She has an extraordinary ability to connect and work with a group of people to deal with complex, tricky, and sometimes delicate subjects in an effective, inclusive, interesting, and even entertaining manner.

“Without realizing it, you find yourself caught up in and actively participating in a heartfelt, in-depth conversation with other participants about their lived experiences and thoughts on diversity, equity, and inclusion to a degree that you would never have thought possible. It’s a process that gets you thinking deeply about these kinds of things and creates a more in-depth understanding of the perspectives and challenges faced by all different kinds of people.

The end result is that I came away from this class with a much broader understanding of issues that I thought I understood. It’s a remarkable experience (not merely a class) that anyone would benefit from.”

To register for this course, please visit If you have questions or want more information, please email TVPPA EVP of Member Services & Strategic Relations, Danette Scudder.