Safety. Reliability. Workforce Development. System Improvement. All TVPPA members strive to achieve these every day but twenty-one of our members have been recognized on a national level for excelling in each of these areas.

Eleven power utilities in the Tennessee Valley were named RP3, or Reliable Public Power Provider, designees by the American Public Power Association. The RP3 designation, which lasts for three years, recognizes public power utilities that demonstrate proficiency in four key disciplines: reliability, safety, workforce development, and system improvement. Criteria include sound business practices and a utility-wide commitment to safe and reliable delivery of electricity.

TVPPA members joining more than 275 public power utilities nationwide that hold the RP3 designation are:

Bolivar Energy Authority, Bowling Green Municipal Utilities, BVU Authority, CDE Lightband, Cleveland Utilities, Harriman Utility Board, Jackson Energy Authority, Morristown Utility Systems, Nashville Electric Services, Rockwood Electric Utility and Scottsboro Electric Power Board.

Additionally, ten TVPPA members received the American Public Power Association’s Safety Award of Excellence for safe operating practices in 2019. “Strong safety programs are essential to ensuring that electric utility employees are informed and trained on safe work procedures,” said Brandon Wylie, Chair of the Association’s Safety Committee and Director of Training & Safety at Electric Cities of Georgia. “The utilities receiving this award have proven that protecting the safety of their employees is a top priority.”

TVPPA Members receiving the Safety Award of Excellence include Bolivar Energy Authority (1st place in C group), Bristol Tennessee Essential Services (1st place in E group), BVU Authority (1st place in D group), Cleveland Utilities (2nd place in E group), Hopkinsville Electric Systems (1st place in D group), Huntsville Utilities (2nd place in G group), Morristown Utility System (1st place in E group) , Murfreesboro Electric Department (2nd place in G group), Ripley Power and Light (1st place in C group), and Scottsboro Electric Power Board (1st place in D group).

Through the RP3 program, utilities have a chance to learn, grow, and improve, as well as serve as an example for others striving for excellence. Danette Scudder, TVPPA’s executive vice president, member services and strategic relations said, “We’re proud to see TVPPA member utilities recognized nationally for the incredible work they do every day to embody the public power model in the Tennessee Valley.”