The Department of Energy (DOE) recently launched a program that will pair fellowship recipients with local utilities to execute projects related to grid modernization, access to clean energy, EV integration and other innovative programs. The Clean Energy Innovator Fellowship recruits talent from diverse backgrounds to spend up to two years supporting the work of eligible host organizations, which include municipal utilities and rural electric cooperatives.

Projects may address a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to, grid modernization, equitable and affordable access to clean energy and energy efficiency, integration of electric vehicles and building electrification, resilience planning, interconnection, and rate design. Projects are defined up front, but they have the flexibility to evolve over the fellowship period.

Innovator Fellows receive a stipend and an educational allowance to support host institution projects that will help decarbonize the power system, electrify transportation and industry, and make the U.S. power system more equitable and inclusive. Host institutions and fellowship candidates must each apply separately to participate in the program. DOE will facilitate the process of matching host institutions and fellows.

The deadline for applying is May 6, 2022, and additional information is available here. If you are interested in applying as a host utility and would like to coordinate with TVA and other local power companies on potential projects and mentorship opportunities, please send an email to