TVPPA Legal Advisor Stacie Caraway

Join us on May 10 at 10 a.m. ET for our a Hot Topics webinar by TVPPA legal advisor Stacie Caraway of Miller & Martin to find out just what workplace interaction training is and why providing anti-harassment training is a critical part of building a future-ready workforce.

We may assume everyone has heard of and even participated in “anti-harassment/workplace interaction” training. In interacting with several of our members over the course of the past several months, however, we are learning this is not in fact the case. Many members who have heard of the concept of “anti-harassment/workplace interaction” training have never conducted any such training. The reasons for this vary, but most fall within these three (3) categories:

(1) “We thought that was something only big companies or companies located in large cities needed to do.”

(2) “I was always taught, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ We’ve never had an issue with anyone ‘harassing’ anyone here, so we really don’t need this type of training.”

(3) “The types of training I have seen examples of or otherwise heard about I think would do more harm than good here.”

During this webinar, Stacie will address comments like these and will outline a framework for what this type of training covers, and why it’s so important. Whether you’re at a small system in a small community or managing a homogenous workforce and have never dealt with this type of workplace conflict, this webinar will help you understand how changes in the workforce and easy access to information on how to file complaints about harassment elevate your potential risk for facing claims of hostile workplace interactions. You’ll also learn what this type of training involves and how it can help protect you if you are ever sued in connection with some type of harassment or hostile work environment claim.

Being respectful to those who do not look or believe like you is not only required by law, it is good business. Register today for this event and learn how providing anti-harassment/workplace interaction training is one step you can take this year to start preparing your workforce for coming changes.
E-mail Courtney Philpott at to register.