How fast is fast when we’re talking fast chargers?
Will running the heat or the A/C drain EV batteries?
Will the next generation of Level 2 chargers require LPCs to upgrade residential service and install higher-capacity breaker panels in homes?
Is EV clustering a problem? What is EV clustering? Do I even need to be worrying about any of this now?

Join us on Tuesday, April 19 to hear EV myths getting busted and to get answers to all your pressing electric vehicle questions during “Electric Vehicle Myths & Tips.” The next event in TVPPA’s Hot Topics webinar series will feature Brad Rains, vice president of engineering and distribution services; and Jim Sheffield, vice president of rates & contracts, sharing vital information and addressing your concerns about electric vehicles as you weigh your options and timing on entering this emerging area of growth for the electric utility industry.

To register for “Electric Vehicle Myths & Tips,” email Education & Training Coordinator Courtney Philpott.

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