Is COVID-19 leave paid or unpaid? Can you have different safety practices for vaccinated and unvaccinated employees? Are you required or prohibited from asking employees about their vaccination status? How long is the quarantine period after being exposed or infected with COVID? And what about masks?  

Welcome to year three of the global COVID-19 pandemic.  Executive orders, agency standards, state laws, and guidance from the CDC are confounding employers across the country.

Let TVPPA labor law consultant Kim Vance of Baker Donelson help you make sense of the rapidly evolving landscape and answer your questions about navigating the challenges of keeping your employees safe and healthy within the bounds of the law.

Join us for COVID-19 3.0: Deal with It Before It Deals with You, a free interactive session tailored to the public power industry on Tuesday, February 1 at 10:00 a.m.ET/9:00 a.m. CT. This Hot Topics webinar will give you straight answers to these tough questions and many more.

“Covid-19 mandates and protocols continue to change, contradict, and confuse the majority of HR professionals. It is so important to understand the legal risks and challenges associated with administering your policies and procedures related to Covid,” said Bernadette Martin, TVPPA’s Director of Human Resources. “Please take advantage of this free opportunity to hear a renowned legal expert answer some of your immediate questions and touch on what might be brewing in the near future.”

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