The State of Tennessee filed a consent order with TVA June 13, amicably concluding litigation over the coal-ash complex at the Gallatin, Tenn., Fossil Plant.

Under the terms of the agreement between TVA, the State of Tennessee and the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation (TDEC), TVA has agreed to close the existing former wet-ash impoundments by the preferred method of excavation and removal. The order also allows the opportunity for some of the material to be repurposed for beneficial use. Coal combustion residuals (CCR) are routinely sold by TVA for safe use in materials like concrete and roofing shingles.

“This agreement to resolve the Gallatin litigation underscores TVA’s commitment to safety and the environment,” said TVA President & CEO Jeff Lyash. “After a thorough review of the scientific evidence, and with the availability of an onsite lined landfill, TVA worked with TDEC to determine that it is the best interest of our customers, the State of Tennessee, and most importantly, our neighbors in the Gallatin community to remove the ash from the existing wet impoundments.”

TVA estimates there is roughly 13 million cubic yards of CCR material in the various impoundments at Gallatin. At present, it is estimated that the cost of removal could be approximately $650 million; TVA anticipated the costs associated with resolving this issue, which can be adequately covered by the existing rate structure and will be spread across the projected 20-year project time frame.