Join TVPPA for our new “hot topics” webinar series. Launching on Tuesday, October 26 at 10 a.m., this informative series will introduce you to a variety of subject matter experts who will share knowledge and help get you up to speed on a range of emerging topics that will be critical for the growth of our industry.
The first event in this series, Current and Upcoming Fiber Grant Opportunities, features Joanne Hovis, CTC President and renowned expert on broadband markets, along with CTC VP for Grant & Funding Strategy Heather Mills, who will share in-depth information on broadband funding available through the Infrastructure bill passed by the U.S. Senate in August 2021. The bill includes $65B in funding for broadband infrastructure with a variety of funding being distributed via state entities. This webinar will break down the types of funding available and share details on how local power companies can access funding through various grant programs.
This first installment of the webinar series is made possible with the the support of TVPPA’s Fiber Deployment Advisory Group. Hovis and Mills will present their insights on the topic for about 45 minutes followed by an opportunity to have all of your questions on fiber broadband grants answered.
Future “hot topics” conversations include a December presentation by TVPPA’s R&D committee on projects selected for funding in 2022 and how TVPPA members can participate in those projects.
To register for this or future “hot topics” webinars, please email TVPPA Member Services Manager, Kari Crouse.