In response to today’s TVA announcement that they will begin exploring the use of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors as part of their power generation mix, TVPPA announced that it supports exploration of this avenue that can help TVA achieve its decarbonization goals. This advanced nuclear technology promises to deliver flexible, carbon-free baseload generation that will complement TVA’s introduction of intermittent renewable energy technologies like solar generation.

“We believe now is the right time for TVA to pursue innovative carbon-free technologies to meet the Tennessee Valley’s long-term power generation needs. We support their vision for using advanced nuclear technologies like Small Modular Reactors to reduce carbon emissions,” said TVPPA President & CEO Doug Peters.

“With TVA’s successful operation of the current fleet of reactors, we feel they are well positioned to lead in the development of SMR technology. Their work can play a vital role in advancing decarbonization goals in the Valley and in the nation.

TVPPA will be watching TVA’s exploration of this technology with great interest,” Peters added.