COMPANY: Memphis Light, Gas & Water
POSITION: VP of Customer Experience & Energy Services



The successful Vice President of Customer Experience and Energy Services (VP, CEES) will be challenged with establishing and leading MLGW’s Customer organization. Charged with creating and building a team passionately seeking to win customer loyalty, the VP, CEES will be responsible for driving customer satisfaction throughout the organization. Key to this initiative will be providing a clear view to all customer touch points through superior market research and business intelligence. Success will be defined by the creation of a customer experience that engages, delights, and anticipates customer needs, strongly supported by seamless back-office functionality.

The successful candidate will be a proven leader who is customer-focused, capable of driving positive change, and holds himself or herself accountable for achieving desired results. The MLGW VP, CEES will have clear determination and discipline driving a customer-oriented culture for a two-billion-dollar municipal utilities company, ensuring long-term stability and growth for the organization.

REPORTS TO: President & CEO



MLGW’s VP, CEES is responsible for the strategic leadership and direction of customer services for more than 440,000 customers with electric, natural gas, and water utility services. He/she is responsible for developing and executing customer experience and service strategy in support of the overall business plan and strategic direction of the organization. This role is for a seasoned executive who is a champion of safety and the customer. The successful candidate must be adept at breaking down organizational silos to create a persistent customer-first mentality across the organization.

Reporting to the President and Chief Executive Officer, the VP, CEES will be responsible for creating a new customer paradigm while driving change within the organization. All customer facing functions – including customer service field operations, in-person customer-related services, residential and business call centers, meter reading, meter shops, billing, credit operations, cashiering, account management (residential, commercial, and industrial), energy services, distributed energy resources (demand side management, solar, electric transportation), and smart meters, – fall within the group’s purview. Total staff exceeds 450, many of whom are members of organized labor.

Important peer relationships include the SVP & Chief Operating Officer, VP Engineering & Operations, VP Design Construction & Delivery, SVP & Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer, VP & Chief Information Officer, VP & Chief People Officer, VP Accounting, Chief Internal Auditing Officer, VP & General Counsel, VP Shared Services, and VP Community & External Affairs.



The VP, CEES will provide direction and leadership in the effective re-branding and re-energizing of the MLGW customer experience. With an eye toward creating an industry- leading customer-centric organization, the VP, CEES will build an internal structure focused on excellence throughout the customer value chain. Key to success in this role will be the development and implementation of strategies that will ensure high levels of customer satisfaction, trust, engagement, loyalty, and advocacy.

Additionally, the VP, CEES will be charged with keeping key constituencies apprised of MLGW issues and initiatives, to include regular presentations to the MLGW Board of Commissioners, Memphis City Council, and to other key community stakeholders.

The VP, CEES will be charged with leading the organization from
Three key perspectives:

  1. Change Agent
    o Build and lead a high-performing, customer-centric organization focused on delivering a seamless, efficient, and loyalty-inspiring customer experience.
    o Create, obtain buy-in, and implement internal enterprise-wide customer processes that lead to significant improvement in the MLGW customer experience, thereby enhancing the metrics around customer satisfaction and customer experience.
    o Drive organizational performance to best-in-class utility industry customer satisfaction. Develop customer research capabilities to capture the “voice of the customer” through transactional interaction, external surveys, competitive benchmarking, and market research.
    o Re-build community trust through step-change improvements in MLGW’s image, demand-side management offerings, environmental initiatives, billing, and outage communications.
    o Instill a sense of camaraderie throughout the organization as it embraces new market initiatives and customer paradigms. Lead by example. Motivate direct reports and staff in developing and maintaining the highest levels of performance.
  2. Corporate Leadership
    o Operate as a strategic resource for the CEO as the organization continues its customer satisfaction improvement efforts among all customer and stakeholder segments.
    o Function as a strategic business advisor to the executive/senior management of each business unit or specialty group regarding key customer issues.
    o Demonstrate values-based leadership – disciplined, principled, has vision and ambition for the company.
    o Effectively partner with MLGW business units to ensure that goals are met through customer service process improvements, effective use of technology, and shared resource utilization. Lead business units in the gathering of customer insights to refine and improve processes as part of the overall customer strategy. Create a strong customer-centric culture complete with accountability and ownership at all levels of MLGW.
    o Work with all internal leaders to ensure buy-in and support for all customer focused initiatives.
    o Act as voice of the customer at all MLGW Leadership meetings and provide customer viewpoint for all future MLGW strategic initiatives and decisions.
    o Develop and execute strategies for the design of new customer programs, products, services, and solutions.
    o Identify, assess, and implement all appropriate investments in technology designed to significantly elevate the customer experience.
    o Work with Business Analytics and Performance Engineering areas to develop and implement Key Performance Indicators to best measure performance of customer facing programs and processes.
    o Develop and rationalize customer-related policies and procedures that enhance both the customer experience and considerations for MLGW’s fiscal obligations.
    o Manage the budget by monitoring expenditures against plan. Identify and reconcile budget anomalies; monitor and revise schedules, expenditures and assignments as warranted; review end-of-year budget results; develop budget recommendations for the next fiscal year; and participate in the review of preliminary unit budget including recommendations for the long-term operational plans.
  3. Community Leadership
    o Develop and maintain effective working relationships with city officials, elected officials, employees of other departments, representatives of outside agencies
    o Develop strategic partnerships throughout the customer and business community to ensure all customer experience initiatives will meet the needs of the many areas MLGW serves.
    o Provide direction and leadership to support the development and implementation of Demand Side Management tools throughout the community. Manage smart meter and energy efficiency programs.
    o Develop and maintain business relationships with key external constituents and community leaders with a view to promoting awareness and support for MLGW’s brand, operations, and business initiatives.

Success will be defined by the effective leadership demonstrated by the results achieved in the various areas indicated herein including the development and implementation of MLGW customer programs resulting in significant improvement in customer engagement and satisfaction. Results will be measured by MLGW’s quartile advancement as reported by J.D. Power and Associates in its annual utility customer satisfaction study as well as by additional, quantitative and qualitative measures associated with other stakeholder feedback.



The VP, CEES will be an executive with a strong professional will and personal humility. The successful candidate will need to be a leader who brings a high level of energy and passion for the business and can work effectively with many stakeholders.

In addition, the successful candidate will need to possess the following critical qualities and capabilities:

Safety Commitment – The successful candidate will embrace and champion safety as a core value and will demonstrate a commitment to safety through leading by example.

Customer Service Focus – A primary objective of the VP, CEES will be to instill and support a culture of customer service throughout the utility, including call center operations, field operations and customer communications. The goal is to make the utility a trusted partner of the community, such that developers, businesses, and residential customers feel that MLGW is there to meet their needs and solve their problems in a timely and responsive fashion.

Ability to Drive Change – The successful candidate must be able to drive process efficiency and reduce bureaucracy throughout the organization. Recognizing that change can be very difficult in an established organization with long-tenured employees, the successful candidate must have the charisma, credibility, and determination to motivate the employees to want to change. Earning the respect and trust of the employee base will be key, as well as earning the trust and confidence of the community and customers.

Honesty and Integrity – The successful candidate must demonstrate a high level of personal integrity and honesty. These qualities will be essential for building and maintaining exceptional working relationships with the Board of Commissioners, the City Council, the union, and the community.

Business and Customer Acumen – The VP, CEES will possess strong business and customer acumen with an understanding on how to use metrics to make decisions and drive results.

Collaborative and a Coalition Builder – The successful candidate will be a collaborative leader who recognizes that how things get done is just as important as what gets done. He/she will have experience developing and enhancing stakeholder relationships and effectively communicating internally and externally.



Requires a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Engineering, Technology or a related field. Master’s degree preferred.



Must have 8-10 years of progressive experience in leading a major department in one or more of the recognized externally or internally facing Customer Service, Marketing, or related functions with a well-established understanding of customer experience as well as demonstrated leadership and change management competencies. More specifically, this individual will possess the following experience and qualifications:

• Proven experience as a customer service excellence champion
• Demonstrated ability to utilize various process improvement methodologies and technologies to create and/or enhance customer transactions and experiences.
• Demonstrated ability to influence and create consensus with all levels of employees and external customers.
• Exceptional business and financial acumen
• Excellent written and oral communication, negotiation and diplomacy skills
• Ability to work collaboratively, influence decisions and outcomes and facilitate consensus
• Exceptional service orientation.
• Ability to motivate/inspire in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.

Must have a valid driver’s license from state of residence

Must have an occupationally significant combination of: working job knowledge; excellent communications (verbal/written), proven analytical, problem solving – decision making , leadership, customer relations, and resource management skills; a high level of integrity; abilities in working as a team and promoting safety; facility with numbers to prepare/review financial/statistical reports; flexibility to adjust to changing conditions; and demonstrated ability to motivate a diverse workforce and community.


WORKING ENVIRONMENT: Works in office under good conditions.




Submit your application to by July 10 or
Email: Yvette Davis for more information.