If you’re interested in working with leaders to build relationships and better understand the region’s issues and opportunities, apply for the 2023-2024 class of Valley Public Power Leadership Academy.

Applications are due January 17, 2023. Each LPC may submit one application. If the applicant is not the general manager or CEO, the applicant must also have an email of recommendation sent from the existing GM or CEO to Mark Kimbell at mkimbell@vppla.com.

Apply here: https://vppla.com/apply

The second class of VPPLA will be announced at the TVA All Partners Meeting in March 2023. A class of up to 28 participants (12 LPC, 12 TVA and four supporting organizations) will be chosen with a priority on Valley diversity for regions, cooperative and municipal balance, gender balance, etc. Not all LPC applications need to be GMs or CEOs, but all applicants should be upper-level management.