TVPPA unveiled a new look with updated branding during the Chairman’s Address at the 75th Annual Conference the morning of Tuesday, August 31.

Starting today, you’ll see TVPPA’s all-new logo, fresh colors and modern font on our website, all of our social media as well as on any and all collateral materials. Additionally, you may see our new tagline: Smart Community, Powerful Future.

This updated branding and messaging evolved out of a year of discussion on how TVPPA can best serve its members. These changes reflect more than a new look; they highlight the qualities TVPPA members say they value most – connection to a larger community that makes them part of something bigger and the growth and innovative ideas borne of shared knowledge. Our new branding reflects a renewed focus: helping our members deliver on their visions for a powerful future.

“I am thrilled with this rebranding effort and what it represents. TVPPA staff worked with our Board of Directors to get feedback from our members and identify the issues that matter most to them. Then, they incorporated that feedback, not only into a new branding identity but into reimagining how TVPPA can help both municipal and cooperative members achieve more every day,” said TVPPA Board Chairman Wes Kelley.

For a peek at what the launch of TVPPA’s new branding looked like during the conference, be sure to watch our video.