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Need to post an employment listing? TVPPA offers both members and non-members prominent locations to advertise vacancies.

The association’s monthly newsletter, ValleyLine goes out to every member of TVPPA and then some. Listings are free for regular members. Non-members may list for only $50 per ad. Due to space limitations, we request that printed listings be limited to 140 words or less. Ads run in the electric version of ValleyLine at least once. (Note: the printed version of ValleyLine was discontinued in Dec. 2015)

The online location to find new talent. Members and non-members alike may place ads for only $50. Not having space limitations of ValleyLine, we recommend you send a more detailed version. The online version doesn’t have the word limit and can include additional information such as a link to your company site and e-mail contacts. Additionally, JobLine is updated regularly so you know your ad will get published immediately. Listings stay on JobLine for a minimum or three months or upon your expiration request, whichever is shorter.

Ready? Simply complete this form and let TVPPA help with the search.

Please post the following job description in (you may select both):

Paste your text into the box. Don't worry about formatting as your ad will be adapted for each publication. (Remember, 140 word limit for ValleyLine!)

Paste your text into the box. Information will be posted as it is entered so please insure it is correct. Please include the title in all capitals followed by a hyphen to begin your descriptions. As an example, LINEMAN - Then begin your text description.

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Please ensure you have valid contact information within the body of your description.