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Key Employee Coaching


Do you have top-notch people whom you are:

  • Grooming for bigger things?
  • Who want to continually improve?
  • Who want to lead the team more effectively?
  • Who want their team to work more proficiently and productively?
  • Who have excellent technical skills but now want to improve their understanding of people and their motivations?

Until now, those needs may have gone unanswered. Today, however, TVPPA has in place an option that affords ONE-ON-ONE COACHING for executives AND their team.

What is Key Employee Coaching?

Key Employee Coaching (KEC) is a brand-new program that creates a specially designed, defined relationship between an employee (client) and coach. Together, they work to identify the client’s personal, business and/or relationship goals and develop strategies and action plans intended to achieve those goals.

In short, KEC coaches often act as human mirrors for clients by sharing outside, unbiased perspectives in a confidential manner. The coach teaches specific insights and skills to empower clients — and it’s all done on the telephone with the client in a private setting.

Simply put, KEC is not counseling or therapy. Rather, it helps fill the gap between a worker’s performance and their potential.

How can KEC Help?

KEC is also designed to help clients adjust to an ever-changing environment so they and their employee can:

  • Reinforce the skills to gain even more credibility in the industry,
  • Enhance personal and departmental productivity,
  • Strengthen leadership skills,
  • Achieve personal and corporate professional objectives,
  • Stretch and fulfill their potential and that of their team,
  • Enhance their professional relationships,
  • Manage conflict,
  • Gain a sense of balance in personal and professional life.

Employees reach their peak success in furthering the utility’s mission.

Don’t take our word for it…

But don’t take our word alone … consider this from Public Personnel Management magazine:

“A study researched the executive coaching effects in a public sector municipal agency. One of the results noted (that) ‘Most importantly, training, when augmented with coaching, yielded productivity increases almost four times the level achieved by training alone (88 percent).’ Public Personnel Management, Winter, 1997.”

“Once used to bolster troubled staffers, coaching is now a part of the standard development training for elite executives and d up-and-comers.”

“…Coaches work with managers, entrepreneurs, and just plain folks, helping them define and achieve goals.”

The Bottom Line

KEC builds on the knowledge, skills and the ability of the individual and provides an action plan to address areas of desired improvement. Not only does KEC dramatically improve performance, but it can help avoid the expensive and uncomfortable replacement of employees in whom you have a heavy investment.

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