Education & Training Services

Training Policies & Procedures


Cancellation Policy
Registrants who cancel 7-14 days prior to the class will be charged 50% of the registration cost as a cancellation fee. Registrants who cancel less than 7 days prior will be charged 75% of the registration cost. Registrants failing to cancel prior to the start of the class will be responsible for the entire registration fee. You may avoid the cancellation fee by sending a substitute registrant.

All class cancellations must be in writing and mailed, faxed or emailed to:

TVPPA, ATTN: Training Coordinator
P.O. Box 6189
Chattanooga, TN 37401
Fax: (423) 267-2280

Complaint Resolution
If a participant is not satisfied with the program content, delivery or outcome, he or she is encouraged to contact the Director of Education & Training by calling (423) 490-7927 or emailing All complaints receive a written response.
Certification Credit Guidelines for Electives
Elective credits taken within one year prior to completion of the first core class of the curriculum will be counted or elective credit. Electives taken prior to that date or after the designated time frame for certification will not be eligible for that certification program.
Certification Programs Course Credit
A course may only be used for credit towards one certification program. For example, a core class in one certification cannot be used as an elective for another certification.
Elective Conference Credit
Conference attendees may apply 0.7 CEU for elective credit to any certification program for completion.
Correspondence Program Sequence
All correspondence must be taken in sequence unless a specific request to waive this policy is granted by TVPPA.
Proctored Correspondence Testing Policy
Any participant who enrolls in a correspondence program will receive their unit workbook with materials for all lessons included. The supervisor, as designated at the time of enrollment, will receive a separate packet of tests, one for each of the correspondence lessons within the unit. For students enrolled in the blended version of a program, paper tests will not be included since testing will be completed online. When the participant has finished a lesson, the supervisor will be asked to proctor that lesson’s test, whether on paper or online, in a closed book format. Though the workbook and textbooks are not to be permitted for use during the test, copies of necessary charts, graphs, and formulas may be used as reference.

  • All correspondence tests are packaged separately and should be kept by a supervisor until the student is ready to take the tests. Do not give students their test packet with their workbooks. Online tests should not be reviewed by the student prior to taking any lesson test.
  • All tests should be given in a closed book, proctored format and mailed by the supervisor. Copies of charts, graphs, and formulas may be used as a reference while testing. Online tests will produce immediate test results to the student.
  • Exceptions to this rule include: Unit 3 Substation Maintenance, Electrical Metering and Protective Relaying ONLY due to the open book format in which these specific lesson tests are delivered.
Correspondence Testing Retake Policy
If the retake grade is failing, the entire unit has been failed and the student must reenroll in the unit for a member fee of $105 and submit the entire unit for grading again.
Lab Retakes
If a student leaves a lab early for any reason, and they choose to retake the lab at a later date they will be charged based on the following fee structure:

  • Correspondence labs = $175
  • Pre-Apprentice Assessment = $300
Correspondence Materials Trade
If correspondence materials have been ordered for one employee of a utility and for some reason they never begin the program, the materials may be “traded” to another employee. An enrollment for the new student must be submitted with a notation that they will be using materials for a previously enrolled student. There will be no charge for the new enrollment.
Extension on Required Time Frame
If a student requires an extension on their correspondence or certification program work, they must submit a request for extension form. All correspondence programs have a four-year completion cycle. If a period of more than two (2) years has elapsed since the last activity on their transcript, they must re-enroll for the class.
Required Practices for Record Retention
TVPPA requires the retention of a permanent record for each learner for a period of no less than 7 years. Records are to be stored in a safe secure manner in order to protect the privacy of the participant. The record is made available to the learner upon request. The minimal content of the record includes the following:

  • Provider name and address
  • Completion date of the program
  • Number of CEUs awarded
  • Learner name and social security number or license number
  • Course or program title

The standards of practice for record management at TVPPA include:

  • A copy of the permanent record will be made available to the learner within 4 weeks from the request.
  • Records are to be updated within 4 weeks of the training program.
  • In order to protect the privacy of the learner, a written request with signature should be faxed or mailed before the contents of a record can be released.
Evaluation and Revision of Current Programs
In order to ensure that programs remain updated and technically accurate, the following policies are observed:

A needs assessment is completed on each program prior to design, development and implementation. This step involves collecting data on the overall problem and analyzing the performance gaps. The needs of the learner are then prioritized. As programs are repeated, the needs assessment phase reviews incidence of any problems post training and revisions of learner needs. This step incorporates updates in technology and best practices.

In the evaluation phase of each program, data is collected to review program success.

Revisions are driven by both learner perceptions and actual outcomes. Outcome data includes test scores or improvement of skills demonstrated on the job. The latter is measured by supervisor interviews and data such as incident reports or safety records.

TVPPA follows the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) in the development and administration of their educational offerings. The attachment indicates the path of program development.

Duplicate Certificate Fee
Individuals will receive one copy of any class or program completion certificate free. Replacement or additional copies will be subject to the following fees:

  • Class certificate reprint fee = $5
  • Program completion certificate reprint fee = $10
Transcript Printing Fee
Individuals may request a copy of their TVPPA training transcript once every six months with no charge. Additional transcripts requested within that time frame will be subject to an administrative fee of $5.