Protecting your company’s physical assets and your employees is more important than ever. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s annual summary of DOE-417 Electric Emergency Incident and Disturbance Reports, reporting of incidents related to the physical security of electricity infrastructure increased 70% in 2022, compared to the prior three years. That increase accounted for all types of incidents including vandalism, thefts, suspicious activity, threats, and trespassing as well as more serious crimes such as substation attacks.

Join TVPPA’s Education & Training department for Physical Security Measures: Securing Your Facility, July 25-26 at TMEPA in Brentwood, Tenn. This two-day course introduces practical measures and techniques for enhancing facility security. The session provides an understanding of utility security and the need for proactive security approaches. The training identifies methods of reducing facility vulnerability through improved physical security practices and countermeasures.

During this class, we will cover:

1)     Understanding the four critical utility security categories
2)     A practical approach to facility security
3)     Security audits, the foundation of enhanced security
4)     Conducting a threat assessment
5)     Signs alone won’t cut it – proactive security control measures
6)     Protection zones and other delineation practices
7)     The five “Ds” of perimeter protection
8)     CPTED – Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
9)     Effective use of lighting as a security countermeasure
10)   Target hardening – reducing facility vulnerability
11)    Preparing for Black Swans – extremism, terrorism, active shooter, and other critical events
12)   Preparing a tactical response
13)   Coordinating with emergency responders
14)   Strategic security planning
15)   Effective table-top security exercises and training
16)   Participant issues and concerns

This class will help expand and update the knowledge of managers and staff with responsibility for securing facilities. For more information, please email Kaitlin Plaster or to register, visit our E&T calendar and click on the class link on July 25.