March is Women’s History Month, and part of this important month is about recognizing how women everywhere contribute to our shared success. Across the Tennessee Valley, women leaders at local power companies (LPCs) are doing just that.

At TVPPA, we recognize and salute these powerful women for the work they do every day to lead their businesses and keep their communities energized. Through their leadership, commitment to community, and continuous improvement, these powerful women are paving the way for a more inclusive future.

Below, we’re shining the spotlight on these powerful women leaders.

Women In Power 2024 – The Valley’s Female Leaders 

Since our last Women’s History Month celebration in March 2023, two women have joined the ranks of their fellow women in power: Jessica Cooper and Brittany Davis.

Jessica Cooper of Maryville Electric Department has served as Deputy Director of Public Utilities since 2020, and she was officially named Director of Public Utilities in February 2024. Brittany Davis, the former engineering supervisor at Sheffield Utilities in Sheffield, Ala., accepted the role of General Manager at McMinnville Electric System in January of this year.

With the addition of these two leaders, the number of women leading LPCs in the Tennessee Valley totals at a historic 13, the most it has ever been. Join us in recognizing Cooper and Davis along with all the other female leaders who serve our region:

We asked our women leaders to share an accomplishment they are most proud of during their tenure as an LPC leader. Read on to learn more about some of the important work happening at women-led LPCs across the Tennessee Valley!

Stacey White, General Manager, Arab Electric Cooperative: 

“I take immense pride in the successful completion of our newest substation, Brashiers Chapel. This project, characterized by rigorous planning and collaboration, not only enhances our utility’s infrastructure but also strengthens our capacity to meet the evolving needs of our community.”

Dr. Angela Verdell, General Manager, Columbus Light & Water:

“Our community presence and commitment have increased dramatically! We are intentionally working to enhance our city through Adopt-a-School; providing downtown string lighting; and the ACTNow computer literacy initiative. We love being viewed as a community builder and the utility provider!”

Mary McDuffa, Manager, Electric Department, City of Florence Utilities:

“When I became Manager, one of my objectives was to make our department smarter. Not just with education and training for all our employees, but to bring smarter ways to serve our customers and perform our jobs. We are well on our way to accomplishing this objective with the biggest addition being the AMI project which just got kicked off.” 

Allison Bright, CEO, Cullman Power Board:

“The two accomplishments I’m most proud of are directly related to our internal and external mapping systems. These mapping systems, once live, will communicate system details which will promote a safer work environment with increased efficiency along with quicker restoration times.”