Just as cooler fall temperatures have settled in across the Tennessee Valley and our members have begun preparing for winter, TVPPA’s Communications Advisory Group has completed the cold weather portion of the Emergency Load Curtailment Program (ELCP) communications toolkit.

The cold weather materials are a complement to the hot weather ELCP toolkit materials that were released earlier this year. In preparation for the upcoming ELCP Winter Weather Tabletop Exercise, which will be jointly hosted by TVPPA’s Operations Coordination Advisory Group and TVA on Friday, November 3, and Tuesday, November 7, the full ELCP Communications Toolkit with both hot and cold weather resources is available on TVPPA.com for easy access and download.

ELCP Communications Toolkit Design & Content

This toolkit offers a fully customizable set of written and graphic resources designed exclusively for LPC use that dovetail nicely with TVA’s communications. This toolkit is built on a system similar to the one used by the National Weather Service to communicate about severe weather threats and it includes:

  • a checklist for ELCP communications planning
  • talking points for spokespeople and customer/member service representatives
  • social media content and related graphics
  • press releases/website content with brandable headers
  • text and app notifications
  • op-ed/open letter
  • best practices and more

How to Find Our Toolkits

The ELCP Communications Toolkit can be found alongside six additional toolkits on the member section of our website. The additional toolkits include resources related to rate increases, Winter Storm Elliott, crisis communications, power restoration, the advantages of being part of a locally owned power community, and supply chain challenges.

To access these toolkits, visit tvppa.com, use the member login link in the upper right of the home screen to access the member menu, and click on Communication Tools. Bookmark this page for easy access or download the content for future use, but be sure to revisit the page in the future for updated content and additional toolkits.

Watch for Survey About Future CAG-Produced Resources

Later this week LPC general managers, CEOs and communicators will receive a survey about the communications toolkits TVPPA has released over the last two years and your interest in additional resources created by the Communications Advisory Group. We will use your valuable feedback to guide future work.

We’re here to help!

TVPPA staff members are available to answer questions and provide assistance with these resources. For assistance, please email communications@tvppa.com or call 423-756-6511. To discuss current and future toolkit needs, please contact Nathalie Strickland.