In 2022, TVPPA introduced our Fleet Vehicle Purchasing Opportunity in response to supply chain challenges that limited vehicle availability. To help our members alleviate these concerns and facilitate access to new fleet vehicles, TVPPA negotiated a partnership with General Motors (GM) giving TVPPA the opportunity to order up to 150 Model Year 2023 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Light Duty trucks for our membership. All 150 trucks were reserved within a few hours.

Due to the high level of interest and participation in last year’s program, we have worked with GM to expand access. TVPPA’s GM representative recently announced that the 2024 model year will include full allocation across all models, including double cab trucks. Although the specific date has not been announced, fleet ordering will start sometime in February for model year 2024. This means TVPPA members who want to take advantage of program savings need to assess their vehicle needs for mid-2023 through the end of 2024 and get their list of needs to Brad Rains, TVPPA VP of Engineering & Distribution Services, as soon as possible. This will ensure orders can be entered as soon as vehicle banks are available.

Please note that the more members who participate, the greater the number of vehicles that can be allocated for TVPPA members. If you have any interest in participating or if you have any questions about our Fleet Vehicle Purchasing program, please contact Brad right away.