TVPPA Education & Training’s Electrical Metering Lab will return in February at CDE Lightband in Clarksville, Tenn., running from February 20-24.

Students enrolled in TVPPA’s Electric Substation Metering correspondence program can gain valuable experience directly related to the lessons learned in this series by enrolling in our Electric Metering Lab. This series of classes provides students with a review of instrument transformers, energy metering, and troubleshooting. Students will have access to lab benches and software that allows for practical hands-on exercises and an up-close look at various types of metering and the use of calibration equipment. Additional topics covered include:

  • Terminology and math associated with basic power calculations;
  • History of metering devices;
  • Instrument transformers;
  • Meter connections;
  • Self-contained metering;
  • Transformer-based meters;
  • Types of bases and sockets;
  • Meter constants;
  • Peak Demand metering;
  • Meter testing;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Remote Meter Reading;
  • Automated Meter Infrastructure; and
  • Calculation and protection of revenue

To register for our Electrical Metering Lab, click here.