Many of the best lineworkers from around the world came together in Overland Park, Kan., this weekend to compete in the International Lineman’s Rodeo & Expo, including some of TVPPA’s own members.

The 38th annual competition was held October 12-15 at the Overland Park Convention Center. TVPPA members joined the competition to perform tasks that highlight the critical skills used in their jobs every day, and they brought home several awards. Here are the placement results from our membership:

Apprentice Hurtman Rescue
Middle Tennessee Electric- 3rd place
Apprentice 1316- Nolan Farris

Apprentice Mystery Event #1
Replace Insulator and Armor Rods
Middle Tennessee Electric- 1st place
Apprentice 1316- Nolan Farris

Journeyman Mystery Event #1
Insulator & Tie Replacement 4kV
Middle Tennessee Electric- 4th Place
Team 312
Chase Pattertson, Tommy Kirkland, Josh Fuller

Top Journeyman Team from a Co-op
Middle Tennessee Electric- 5th Place Overall
Team 312
Chase Patterson, Tommy Kirkland, Josh Fuller

Top Journeyman Team from a Municipal 
Huntsville Utilities- 3rd Overall
Team 406
Colby Lipham, Cole Border, Adam Thomas

Top Journeyman Team Senior Division 
Middle Tennessee Electric- 2nd Place
Team 603
Keith Davenport, Bo Asbury, Michael Diggs

Congratulations Middle Tennessee Electric, Huntsville Utilities and all the lineworkers who competed this year!


Middle Tennessee Electric

Huntsville Utilities