TVPPA’s Research & Development Committee in partnership with TVA, West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation (WKRECC) and the University of Kentucky are studying the distribution impacts of increased electric vehicle (EV) adoption. This analysis of current local power company (LPC) distribution and substation transformer planning practices, in relation to future EV adoptions, will be crucial in developing effective planning guidelines for future EV charging needs.

Two surveys on distribution and substation transformer planning practices have been prepared, with the aggregated survey results and resulting guidelines to be shared with all LPCs to help them to update current planning practices. Please ask someone who is familiar with your LPC’s planning and transformer sizing practices to fill out both the Distribution Transformer Survey and the Substation Transformer Survey. Each survey has fewer than 15 questions and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

If you have questions, please contact Justin McCann, PE, vice president of WKRECC Engineering at; Steven Coley, manager, TVA Grid Research & Development at; or Jim Sheffield, vice president, TVPPA Pricing & Contracts at