Cleveland, TN, Utilities engineer Jeff Luther conducts a drone demonstration at the utility’s training facility.

Cleveland, TN, Utilities bought a drone early this year in order to enhance its mapping capabilities, but that’s not why there’s a drone-based presentation on the agenda for TVPPA’s 2017 Safety & Security Conference.

“There’s a mystique surrounding drones,” said John Corum, vice president for administrative services at Cleveland Utilities (CU). “More and more utilities are using them, and they’ve always kind of intrigued me.”

That curiosity led Corum, a member of the Safety & Security Conference agenda-planning committee, to arrange a presentation on drones for the Sept. 20-22 meeting at the Huntsville, AL, Westin. The presentation will be conducted by personnel from Nashville, TN-based Power Consulting Associates.

“I wanted to do this at this conference to help educate LPCs [local power companies] on the potential uses for drones,” Corum said. “We’ve done some things that have enhanced some of the things we do, and very cost-effectively, and we’re discovering new uses all the time.”

Prospective attendees may register for the conference on’s Conferences page.