TVPPA Partner Meguire Whitney Offers Grant Application Support; Schedule Call by May 18

The Department of Energy through its Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations (OCED) has announced a second round of grant funding for rural energy providers. OCED’s Energy in Rural or Remote Areas (ERA) program seeks to improve the resilience, reliability, and affordability of energy systems in communities across the country with 10,000 or fewer people.

With $1B in funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the ERA program can provide financial investment, technical assistance, and other resources to advance clean energy demonstrations and energy solutions that are replicable and scalable. ERA aims to fund community-driven energy projects with three specific goals:


  1. Deliver measurable benefits to energy customers in rural or remote areas by funding replicable energy projects that lower energy costs, improve energy access and resilience, and/or reduce environmental harm
  2. Demonstrate new rural or remote energy system models using climate-resilient technologies, business structures that promote economic resilience, new financing mechanisms, and/or new community engagement best practices
  3. Build clean energy knowledge, capacity, and self-reliance throughout rural America

Further details on the ERA program and eligible projects can be found by visiting the OCED’s ERA funding website. The pre-application deadline is July 13, 2023 with completed applications due October 12, 2023.

TVPPA members who would like assistance with the grant application process should email Meguire Whitney Grants Team Project Manager Meg Flores to schedule an initial call before this Thursday, May 18.