Meeting July 16 at Chattanooga, TN, the Seven States Power Corp. Board of Directors approved a plan for the installation of three to five electric-vehicle (EV) chargers at the corporation’s main office.

The Seven States (7SPC) directors approved $25,000 for the project, which will include chargers from two manufacturers – Chargepoint and TEQ+ClipperCreek – and should be under way by the end of July.

“We’ll have at least one of each open to the general public, with a payment function,” said 7SPC’s Clint Wilson. “They’ll do the same thing, but they’ll look different; we want to investigate the technology and see whether customers prefer one to another.

“One of the goals here,” Wilson said, “is to be a resource to any of our members who might be considering similar installations.”

The 7SPC directors also got a look at the corporation’s brand-new website. Located at www.7spc.com, it includes photos and contact information for 7SPC staff and directors, as well as 7SPC’s mission statement, information on specific projects and forms utilities can use to begin the process of joining 7SPC.

“The website is still a bit of a work in progress, but we’ve gotten off to a good start,” Wilson said.

The 7SPC board also got word of a new member – Arab EC, Arab, AL, where Chattanooga native Scott Spence is the new general manager. The addition of Arab EC brings 7SPC’s membership to 129.