Marketing new or existing broadband services in a highly competitive marketplace was among the hot topics at TVPPA’s Customer Experience (CX) Conference last fall. To meet increasing demand for related content, TVPPA is offering our members the opportunity to participate in “Effectively Marketing Broadband,” a two-part webinar series designed to help you market your offerings. Below, you’ll find information on the webinar, which will be co-presented by marketing and broadband experts Sandra Tilley and Katie Espeseth from Chattanooga’s EPB.

Part 1: Building a Winning Brand in the Broadband Marketplace
Tuesday, March 15, 10 a.m. ET/9 a.m. CT

Whether you’re new to the broadband business, considering entry into the market or aiming to win a larger segment of the consumer market, this session is for you. Broadband and marketing experts from Chattanooga’s EPB will share important lessons and valuable insights into:

  • assessing the competitive landscape,
  • developing a strong broadband brand,
  • building a marketing program, and
  • using your company’s best attributes to win in the marketplace.

You will get tips on the importance of differentiating your service from the competition, developing products that win customers, and developing a culture where everyone – the customer, the community and the company – wins. The webinar will close with a question and answer session.

Part 2: Effective Broadband Marketing & Communications
Tuesday, April 12, 10 a.m. ET/9 a.m. CT

While many Valley consumers pay more for internet and other broadband services than electricity or any other essential service, it can be a challenge to lure them away from even sub-par service providers. That’s why savvy marketing, communications and customer/member services professionals must employ both competitive marketing and effective communications to launch broadband service, promote existing service, and win in the highly competitive broadband marketplace.

Participants in this webinar will get a crash course in:

  • leveraging your company’s strengths to overcome consumer inertia and increase your take rate
  • counteracting incumbent providers’ competitive practices, and
  • building an effective marketing communications campaign to win the market.

Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and learn from the experience of others.

To register or ask questions about this webinar series, please email Courtney Philpott, Education & Training Coordinator at