TVPPA is now expanding the offer to participate in our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program: “Leaders First, Culture Second: Inclusion: The Way Forward” to senior leaders and human resources professionals.

The DE&I program initially launched in December 2021 after consultant and trainer Tangela Johnson first shared her vision for leading in the areas of company culture and inclusion at TVPPA’s 75th Annual Conference in September 2021. During this day and a half session, senior and executive leaders self-examined and focused on their level of emotional intelligence when it comes to leading inclusion. Now, TVPPA and Johnson are expanding the series to include sessions for senior leaders and human resources professionals, including those who wear that hat among many others at smaller utilities. Below are the two upcoming classes with course descriptions:

Leaders First, Culture Second: Inclusion: The Way Forward for Department Heads and Senior Managers
March 28-29
TVPPA Office, Chattanooga

This two-day class is designed for department heads and senior managers who are tasked with the daily responsibility of making sure employees have an inclusive work environment that allows them to be successful in their individual roles.  As the workforce continues to evolve, it is important that these seasoned leaders understand what it will take to lead a diverse workforce.

Participants will get a broad understanding of what they need to know to support their CEO/GM, their board, and help their utility build an inclusive culture that attracts and retains the workforce of the future.

Leaders First, Culture Second: Inclusion: The Way Forward for Human Resource Professionals/Office Managers
April 19-20
TVPPA Office, Chattanooga

In this two-day class, HR Professionals will focus on how they can support leaders throughout the organization in building an inclusive culture. They will discover tools and ideas that will better equip them and their staff to be more effective in the DE&I space.

Participants will discuss how their practices, policies, and organizational behaviors all play a critical role in building an inclusive work environment where each employee can experience equitable opportunities and a sense of belonging. They will explore what it means to be a transformational HR Professional who can help lead their organization in attracting and retaining the workforce of the future.

In order to maximize the experience for participants, class size will be limited. To register for or get additional information about these programs, visit our Education & Training page.